Aims and Scope

The Comparative Literature Department of the Faculty of Letters of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University (Iaşi, Romania) is the editor of ACTA IASSYENSIA COMPARATIONIS, an academic open-access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary studies stimulated and justified by the universality of the literary phenomena in their close connections with the other arts and related humanistic fields, such as cultural anthropology, the history of ideas and mentalities, cultural and gender studies. Contributions to our journal have come from different parts of the world: EUROPE, AFRICA, NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA, ASIA, and we count among our collaborators recognized and distinguished specialists, as well as young researchers.

The journal is published by the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press.


Founded by Professor IOAN CONSTANTINESCU in 2003 as a world and comparative literature journal, ACTA IASSYENSIA COMPARATIONIS has acquired in time a larger scope and significance, but it preserved its thematic profile. Beginning with the year 2013, it became an exclusively online publication, issued biannually. We welcome:

    • scholarly articles in one of the following languages: Romanian, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Articles should be accompanied by abstracts and keywords in English [Notes to Contributors];
    • book reviews (in one of the languages mentioned above) [Notes to Contributors].

Submission and publication of articles and book reviews, as well as access to the online AIC journal are tax exempt.

ISSN (online) 2285 – 3871
ISSN–L = 1584 – 6628